The KSI range of injection attachments

The KSI range of injection attachments are available in two sizes for mounting on excavators between 40 and 120 ton operating weight and can be supplied with a range of blade lengths. The drive unit for the KSI 7000 can work with blades for 5, 6 and 7 m mixing depths and the larger KSI 12000 with blades for mixing depths of 6, 8, 10, or 12 m. Both models can be supplied with a rotation module as an optional extra.

KSI 7000
Excavater with standard stick

KSI 12000
Excavator without stick

KSI 12000
Piling excavator

The KSI range of injection attachments

Digital and individual recording of process parameters on the KSI mixing attachment and excavator to document performance, quantity and quality.

Maintenance free and reliable measurement of the mixing depth

Robust, vibration resistant sensors continuously record position of boom segments and the attachment. The data is presented as a kinematic model providing real-time information for mixing depth and delivery accurate to the nearest centimeter.





High-precision positioning of the mixing attachment using 2-antenna RTK GNSS / GPS sensors located on the excavator

Satellite-based navigation and data acquisition process-ing are integrated in a compact system enabling optimal operator asistance for the KEMSOLID process. All essential information is immediately available on a single monitor in the operator‘s cab.

GNSS/GPS Antennen

GNSS/GPS Antennen

Data management with immediate availability of process data

PDF reporting and interactive data analysis in a web based application tailored to foundation engineering.


Pictures & Videos from KSI 12000

The KSI 12000 is being used in the FMI process to create a waterproof reinforced concrete wall, which will be integrated into the weir structure to construct a rainwater retention basin.

Pictures & Videos

Pictures and videos from KSI 7000

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