The KRX range of Powertool drive units with attachments for milling, drilling and mixing (selection of relevant models)

The KRX range of Powertool drive units are extremely robust and use a radial piston motor to generate extremely high torque and cutting forces. With a selection of very heavy duty tools, they are an ideal attachment for your excavator for a wide variety of civil engineering applications.

The KRX range and the Kemsolid CFA process

Another application for the KRX range is the production of in-situ concrete piles using a flushing head, hollow stem auger and an auger drill bit.

The Kemsolid CFA process

The CFA process is used to produce in-situ concrete piles up to 3 meters and CFA piles from 3 to 6 meters. Using conventional excavators, together with the KRX attachment range, makes the process very flexible and cost-effective. Productivity is higher when compared to using cased drilling methods.

To create piles, hydraulic power from the excavator is used to continuously rotate an auger attached to the excavator that is the full length of the pile. The auger is driven into the soil to the desired depth (piling depth) and then raised while at the same time concrete is pumped via the flushing head and hollow auger to the drill bit to fill the hole. During the entire process, the auger keeps the borehole stabilised.

As required, reinforcement cages, steel girders or casing can be subsequently installed into the fresh concrete.

The low vibration process can be used in almost all soil types regardless of the groundwater level.

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