The Kemsolid MSM process

The Kemsolid MSM process is a subsoil improvement and soil stabilisation technique using the KRD MIX range of mixing cutters on a standard excavator.

The MSM process is used for very soft to fluid soils, with MSM standing for “Mass Soil Mixing”. By using a KRD MIX attachment to mechanically mix the in-situ soil with either a dry binder or a suspension of mortar or cement, the soil can be consolidated or strengthened as required. Compressed air or pumps are used to supply the additive via a line on the attachment to the middle of the KRD MIX in the soil.

Due to the operating characteristic of the attachment, mixing can continue through solid layers as well as in sandy or silty soils. Using surface material in the additive for mixing into subsurface soils is also possible.

The extension can be assembled depending on job require-

MSM process using a KRD MIX attachment to produce consolidated soil segments and blocks.

The Kemsolid MSM process

The MSM process is a technology used for subsoil improvement and soil stabilisation in very soft to fluid soil conditions.

The KRD MIX range of mixing attachments

Mixing attachment in the KRD MIX range are available in three sizes for 25 to 50 ton excavators. Maximum mixing depth of 6 meters can be achieved with these attachments.

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